Jesus said, "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6


"Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always."  Psalm 105:4

Lifelines Outreach shares the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

and by making disciples in the greater Nashville area. 

Lifelines Update: 

In my last newsletter, I talked about a young man named Travis. He is attending church faithfully. God continues to work in his life. He is off drugs and thinking clearly. He started a new job this week. Having the Bible taught to him is changing his life. I asked him about baptism this past Sunday, and he said he would do it soon. Continue to pray for this young man to stay off drugs and to grow as a new believer.


Two weeks ago, I met a young lady at the prayer stand named Vanessa. She was so happy because she had been clean from heroin for six days. The last two times I have seen her she has been strung out on the drug. I fear for her life. So many people die as a result of a heroin overdose. She is also hanging out with the street crowd. She needs Jesus. Pray for her protection and the opportunity to share the Gospel with her.


I met an older man named Felix. Felix is a 58-year-old chronic alcoholic. Rarely did we not see him with a beer in his hand. He lives in a tent behind the old train station in Madison. Felix usually sits with us at the prayer stand to talk. You can tell he is lonely and hurting. We have continued to share the Gospel with him for an extended time. This past Saturday, Felix got saved! We challenged him to be baptized the next day at Set Free Church. At the beginning of the service, we did not see him. We did not think he was going to show up. However, God had other plans. He was fifteen minutes late when he arrived. At the end of the service, Pastor Tim Shaner asked if anyone had made a decision for Christ and was ready to be baptized. Felix jumped up and immediately started to the front. They had forgotten to put heaters in the water. I’m sure the cold water will help him remember that day. Felix is a new man in Christ. He has a long way to go, but now he has the help of the Holy Spirit.


I wrote about Al also in our last newsletter. Al lives at Green Tree Apartments in Woodbine. We have a discipleship group each Tuesday night in the community room. Miracles happen. Al is now a believer in Christ. We are waiting to baptize him. He still struggles with alcohol and cigarettes. He also has lung cancer. However, Al now has an eternal home in the heavens. We continue to teach truth to him through the Bible.


We continue to see almost on a daily basis Jesus make the broken whole. The Gospel truly does transform peoples lives. So many more need the Gospel and a relationship with Jesus. Jesus can break any strongholds in our lives. My prayer list continues to bust at the seems. I do not consider that a bad thing. The Son sets you free; you are free indeed. I have so many opportunities for significant ministry. I know I must be selective and at the center of God’s Will. Pray, I say no to the good things but give my time to the best things. Takes much prayer and discernment to follow Jesus.

It has now been 12 hours since I wrote the last paragraph in the newsletter. I had to finish it up with some good news. Felix has decided to go to the Set Free Ranch and get free from alcohol. He said that he was taking a few of his clothes and the Bible we gave him. God transforms! I also saw Vanessa. She appeared to be sober. Continue to pray that she gets saved. A young man by the name of Spencer prayed to receive Christ a few hours ago. He is a lonely young man with no friends. Maybe now the body of Christ can fill that gap in his life. Much work to do in the kingdom of God. Can’t wait to see what new miracles God preforms tomorrow! Thank you for praying for me and for your financial support! Remember to read your Bible and to pray everyday! -Richard Gay


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